Ignore GOP idealogues; Cochran is no traitor

Charles Krauthammer, George Will, Karl Rove, National Review and others point out that the chance of the shutdown working was 100 percent, without 60 votes in the Senate and the president signing it. These brains were right, of course, but we must begin to think for ourselves!

A typical patriotic Republican wants to and usually does believe their leaders. I do not understand the Don Quixote conservatives. Do they want to carve out primary voters loyal only to them? Maybe run for president?

If they should succeed in the primaries in defeating the incumbent “traitors” — they won’t, but if they did — they could possibly reduce the GOP senators and congressmen by, say, a third.

What is their realistic, possible goal? Being called a traitor by the Don Quixote conservatives will roll right off Sen. Cochran’s back.

If he decides to hang it up, we will salute him with deep gratitude for all he has done.

If he goes again, we will cheer him and be thankful our prayers were answered.

Clarke Reed LTE
Clarion Ledger