C’mon NCAA, we all saw Tyrone Prothro catch that Brodie Croyle pass. You can’t erase that.

Brodie Croyle never won a bowl game. Matt Caddell never scored a game-winning touchdown. And Tyrone Prothro most definitely never caught a pass behind a defender’s head.

But didn’t we watch Croyle throw for 275 yards and a touchdown to lead Alabama to a 13-10 win over Texas Tech in the 2006 Cotton Bowl? Don’t we still have the photo of Caddell’s leaping game-winner against Arkansas in 2007 win? Haven’t we all seen more replays than we can count of Prothro’s arms wrapped around the helmet of Southern Miss’ Jasper Faulk, his hands firmly gripping the ball?
Sure we have. Prothro has the ESPY to prove it.
In the alternate reality of the NCAA, however, none of those things ever happened.