CNN – Mabus plays commanding officer in the upcoming movie ‘Battleship’

Now he’s secretary of the Navy, the civilian in charge of the entire Navy and Marine Corps.

But he’s donned the khaki uniform again. Only this time he’s just one promotion short of an admiral.That promotion did not come courtesy the military. Mabus got the big jump in rank thanks to the makers of the new movie “Battleship.” The movie, which opens in theaters this weekend, is loosely based on the game, but it’s more like “Transformers at Sea,” with the U.S. Navy (and others) battling aliens to save Earth.

The filmmakers, who depended on the Navy for a lot of help, asked Mabus to play the role of the commanding officer of the USS Ronald Reagan, one of America’s newest nuclear-powered aircraft carriers.

That’s a job typically given to Navy captains, not former junior grade officers. Of course, this is a movie about battleships, a type of warship that’s been obsolete for decades. The Navy got rid of its last battle-wagons six years ago. Many are now just floating museums.