Barbour starts “Resurgent Republic” with other top GOPer’s

A former Republican National Committee chairman and a prominent GOP pollster are leading a new organization that will promote conservative principles and try to counter the Democratic controlled White House and Congress on economic and national security matters.

The organization, Resurgent Republic, will be comprised of GOP strategists, academics, former congressmen. Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour,former RNC chair and senior advisor to President G.W. Bush Ed Gillespie, and GOP strategist Whit Ayres co-founded the organization.

“Our nation is at an historical junction and the actions we take today with regards to promoting free market principles will have an impact for a generation or more,” Gillespie said in a statement sent to CNN. “Resurgent Republic will serve as a strategic resource for the general public, policy makers and Congressional leaders.”

Resurgent Republic’s advisory board, as released by the organization:

–The Honorable Haley Barbour, Governor of Mississippi and former RNC chairman;

–The Honorable George Allen, former chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC);

–The Honorable Bill Paxon, former chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC);

–The Honorable Vin Weber, former member of the House Republican Leadership;

–The Honorable Mary Matalin, former Assistant to the President and former executive director of the Republican National Committee;

The National Survey Research Advisory Board is comprised of professionals who have decades of combined experience in public affairs, including several of the nation’s governors and senators. They include:

–Glen Bolger, Public Opinion Strategies;

–Linda DiVall, American Viewpoint;

–Ed Goeas, the Tarrance Group;

–John McLaughlin, McLaughlin and Associates;

–Jan VanLohuizen, Voter Consumer Research.

The Academic Advisory Board is comprised of renowned political and behavioral scientists with a record of research on public attitudes and behavior. They include:

–Gary Andres, Ph.D. Research Fellow, American University, Center for Congressional and Presidential Studies;

–David Brady, Ph.D. Professor, Stanford University, Department of Political Science and Graduate School of Business;

–James W. Ceaser, Ph.D. Professor of Politics, The University of Virginia

–William F. Connelly, Jr. Ph.D. John K. Boardman Politics Professor, Washington and Lee University

–James G. Gimpel, Ph.D. Professor of Government, University of Maryland, Department of Government and Politics;

–John R. Petrocik, Ph.D. Professor and Chair, University of Missouri, Department of Political Science;

–John J. Pitney, Jr. Ph.D. Professor of Politics, Claremont-McKenna College

–Daron Shaw, Ph.D. Professor, University of Texas at Austin, Department of Government.