CNN – ‘Commissioner of Tailgating’ calls Ole Miss one of the best

As for college tailgates, Cahn’s been to all the top spots.

The first one he enthusiastically mentions is the school that was repeatedly mentioned by many fans and frequent college football tailgaters: Oxford, Mississippi, home of Ole Miss.

Even if you are not a football fan, you can be a fan of tailgating.

They tailgate in an area known as The Grove, for its many oaks, elms and magnolias. It opens the night before a game at 6, and you need to get there early to set up your spot. Cahn says the people are super-friendly even to fans of opposing teams. When asked about Ole Miss, male fans of other Southeastern Conference schools pointed to the scenery — and we’re not talking about the trees.
The same tailgaters can be found in the same place year after year, and enterprising undergrads set up tents for alumni for as much as a few hundred bucks.

Many fans wear their best clothes and use crystal on their tables.

Everyone feels comfortable leaving their food out (except the deviled eggs), even during the game, because sharing truly is caring. And if you don’t cook any food, you can always stop by Abner’s for some chicken tenders.

As a tailgater once told The New York Times: “We may not win every game. But we’ve never lost a party.”