GOP governors go on health care offensive

The RGA is spending “six figures” to pay for on-line ads and has launched a Web site as closing arguments are made on President Obama’s top domestic priority. GOP governors argue that the health care reform legislation advocated by President Obama and Congressional Democrats imposes an unfunded mandate upon the states. Instead, the RGA is promoting “lawsuit liability reform” as a better way to help lower health care costs. Ten Democratic governors and candidates are singled out with their own 30 second videos clips that are posted on the RGA’s new Web site.

Separately, Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour posted a video to his YouTube channel Tuesday in which he spent nearly four minutes criticizing the Democratic health care proposal.

“I am urging you and all of my friends to contact your representatives in Congress ask them to vote against this irresponsible legislation,” said Barbour, chairman of the RGA and a potential 2012 presidential candidate. “It would only result in higher taxes in both the state and federal level increase costs for health insurance and ultimately worse quality care.”

Update: In a statement to CNN, a spokesperson for the Democratic Governors Association said, “”We would like to congratulate the RGA on their political strategy of influencing possibly dozens of already decided voters nationally. We quake in anticipation of their coming T-shirt blitz.”