Coaches, media like oil, water

There exists a fundamental rift between college football coaches and the writers that cover college football.

It’s obvious when you see a member from each of the two groups in the presence of the other.
The coaches are used to dealing with football players – big, tough straight-thinking sort of men. The writers are used to dealing with other writers – somewhat less athletic, more prone to flinch and more philosophical.
Before this column comes across as making fun of sports writers, just know that’s exactly what it was intended to do.
See, the writer thinks he understands the coach and what the coach’s job entails. This guy is offended by the coaches’ suggestion that, actually, the writer has no idea. The coach, meanwhile, can’t understand why anyone would choose to work in an air-conditioned office in front of a computer monitor with a Coke and fudge round always at hand. This guy fumes at the notion that a writer knows anything about football.