Coaches who will start ’09 on the hot seat

The carnage is complete — for the most part, anyway. Now it’s time to look at 2009, and coaches who already are in win now or else mode.

It’s a brutal cycle, but that’s what makes the million dollar salaries so enticing. Those feeling heat next fall at the BCS level, in alphabetical order:
Bobby Bowden, Florida State: Last week, for the first time, Bowden admitted the turnaround at FSU may not happen with him in charge. I’ve got news for everyone else: It’s not going to happen with Jimbo Fisher involved, either. Bowden is CEO right now; this is Fisher’s team. Anyone who thinks it’s not is kidding themself. And these two seasons under Fisher haven’t exactly been impressive, even with the ACC at its most vulnerable.

Gene Chizik, Iowa State: