Mississippi needs four more years of Barbour’s expertise

Barbour did indeed use his connections in the private sector to improve the state’s economy. And he will be hard pressed in a second term to top the Toyota plant that is under construction in North Mississippi.

Here in South Mississippi, Barbour’s connections in the public sector were invaluable in helping this region cope with the ravages and ruin of Hurricane Katrina. But after Katrina, Barbour did much more than make a few calls. His Governor’s Commission on Recovery, Rebuilding and Renewal set a standard for dealing with disaster that every state in the union should emulate in similar circumstances.

Four years ago, Barbour gave voters a way to access his governorship: “The test,” he said, “will be getting the job done… . Success is the best politics.”

Four years later, we are convinced that Barbour has passed the test and that he deserves four more years to do even more for Mississippi.

Sun Herald