Should homeschooled kids be allowed to play public school sports?

OCEAN SPRINGS, Mississippi — School officials are keeping a close eye on a bill currently under consideration in the state legislature which would allow homeschooled children to play public school sports.

Senate Bill 2329 is also known as the “Tim Tebow Act” because a similar law in Florida allowed the future Heisman Trophy winner to play for his local public school even though he was homeschooled.

“The critical issue is that there has to be something in place to ensure that students who are home schooled are meeting the same academic requirements as the public school students,” said Pascagoula-Gautier superintendent Wayne Rodolfich, who began his career as a high school football coach.

“I think if those requirements are met, there’s an opportunity there. But if the standards are not met, then you’re setting up an unfair situation.”