We’ll always have St. Martin

Looks like my weekends will be free.

Paul Boudreaux of the local Tea Party on Tuesday evening graciously let me know that I won’t be invited to any more of its events. For the record, I’ve been invited to one. In October. In St. Martin.

Seems Boudreaux didn’t like the column I wrote Thursday about state Sen. Chris McDaniel. Five days ago. I love it when someone savors my work.

Anyway he didn’t like my wisecrack about pioneers and health insurance nor the fact that I’d said I hadn’t seen the candidate in these parts.

“He’s done several meets and greets. Down here on the Coast,” he said, but he didn’t name a single one. And he wouldn’t say why I hadn’t been “invited” to any of them. “Up until this point here you could have gotten them. But from this point forward, you can forget it.”

Bowling, anyone?