Coastal conservatives plan different ‘tea party’

Locals will join the efforts of fiscal conservatives across the country and stage “Taxed Enough Already” rallies Wednesday to protest what they see as a federal government that spends wildly and taxes too much.

The rallies will be the same day as the federal filing deadline for income taxes. The members of the group said the event is in the same spirit of the Boston Tea Party in December 1773, when colonists protested the Tea Act passed by the British government with no input from the colonies by dumping tea from the ships into Boston Harbor.

The Gulport’s TEA party organizers said they’re not trying to start a revolution, they simply want their voices heard.

“We aren’t subversives, revolutionaries or radicals,” said Charles Purchner, a local co-organizer. “We are simply concerned citizens trying to provide a forum in which residents of the entire Coast can express their concerns about recent governmental actions in Washington.”
Sun-Herald 4/14/9