Fielder: I was paid, but not to lie like Hood said

In a phone interview Tuesday, Cochran campaign spokesman Jordan Russell continued to deny Fielder’s allegations. “As far as allegations about our campaign, we have never paid somebody for a vote, never attempted to pay anybody for their vote and we never will, period.”

Russell also raised the issue of a McDaniel staffer being involved in allegedly paying for the interview.

“The most interesting thing about this story, is the fact that Chris McDaniel’s top campaign spokesman was in the meeting with Charles Johnson where they bribed this man to lie about our campaign, and that they’ve apparently been subpoenaed by a grand jury. That subpoena had Noel Fritsch’s name on it, too.

“That’s very troubling. It’s not normal for a campaign to have one of its staffers subpoenaed for a grand jury over questions about whether he bribed someone to lie.

“It really raises the question: Did Chris McDaniel know about this? Did he encourage his campaign staffer to pay someone $2,000 to lie about his opponent? Now that he knows, does Chris McDaniel stand by his campaign staffer?”

Clarion Ledger