This Saturday, Kentucky will focus on the Final Four in Texas, Thad Cochran’s campaign will focus on Mississippi…and Chris McDaniel will focus on…Kentucky?
Sounds a little strange, but it’s true. This Saturday, April 5, while the Thad Cochran campaign for U.S. Senate continues focusing on its grassroots effort to reach voters in Mississippi, the Chris McDaniel campaign will be focusing on its Washington, D.C. base of support.

“When you consider the fact that Chris McDaniel’s campaign is funded almost entirely by out-of-state groups, this whole trip to Kentucky makes a lot of sense for him,” said Jordan Russell, spokesman for the Thad Cochran campaign. “When you remember that Chris McDaniel promised Mississippians, ‘I’m not going to do anything for you,’ in the U.S. Senate, it all adds up. It’s simple, really: Chris McDaniel is all about the Washington, D.C. groups bankrolling his campaign, not about Mississippi.”

Thad Cochran Press Release