The Sun Herald, 12/4/8

U.S. Sen. Thad Cochran said today he likely won’t vote for a bailout of the Big 3 automakers.

Speaking at the Coast Chamber of Commerce Morning Call, Cochran said both he and Mississippi Sen. Roger Wicker voted against the bank bailout, which brought applause from the crowd. The federal government can’t do it all, he said, and when the senators go back into session next week, they will have to decide what to do about the auto industry bailout.

“My inclination right now is to vote against that, too,” he said, which again drew applause. “Things have changed. It’s not just the Big 3 anymore,” he explained and said it’s a question of fairness. Other car companies from around the world employ more people in Mississippi than General Motors, Ford and Chrysler but wouldn’t be included in a bailout.