Chris McDaniel thinks the “military budget compared to the rest of our budget is small.” The following statement was reported in an article in the New York Times yesterday:

Policy details are as foreign to Mr. McDaniel as they are natural to Mr. Cochran…“Relatively speaking, the military budget compared to the rest of our budget is small, is it not?” he (Chris McDaniel) asked a reporter. (It is about 20 percent of federal spending.)

So according to Chris McDaniel, 20% of the federal budget is “small.” The military is one of the largest parts of the budget—almost the same amount as spent on Social Security!

For someone who claims they’re going to reduce federal spending, Chris McDaniel apparently knows nothing about the federal budget…especially the highly important military budget.

Senator Thad Cochran—the only veteran in the election for U.S. Senate—has a strong record of supporting our men and women in uniform, our veterans including more than 200,000 veterans who live in Mississippi, and our military bases that play key roles in our national defense. He is a longtime member of the Defense Appropriations Subcommittee and is one of Congress’ leading experts on defense issues.

The military presence and operations in Mississippi alone generate more than $2.5 billion in economic impact annually.

Retired Lieutenant General Clark Griffith, former Commander at Keesler Air Force Base in Biloxi, Mississippi, talked about Senator Cochran’s leadership for our military saying:

“I’ve seen firsthand how hard Senator Thad Cochran works to make sure the men and women in our military have the training, equipment and support they need to do their job protecting America’s freedom. At a time when some people in Washington are talking about cutting our national defense, now more than ever we need Thad Cochran in the Senate working for us because of his knowledge and understanding of the military budget, and his strong commitment to our military.”

This issue highlights another big difference between the candidates in this race for Senate. Thad Cochran has proven his commitment to our nation’s military strength. Chris McDaniel has proven he doesn’t know enough about it to be in the U.S. Senate

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