Cochran, Wicker Praise Selection of Miss. Nat’l Guard to Host Cyber Protection Team

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senators Thad Cochran, R-Miss., and Roger Wicker, R-Miss., today announced that the Mississippi National Guard has been selected to host a Cyber Protection Team. The Army National Guard expects 10 cyber units will be activated in 23 states by the end of fiscal year 2019. Mississippi’s National Guard will be part of a 39-member team also involving Texas and Louisiana.

“The Army decision to base cyber defense units in Mississippi will give our National Guard a stronger role in protecting our nation from new and growing cyber threats. This team will also create new opportunities for tech-savvy Mississippians to use their talents in ways that benefit the nation and equips our workforce with new skills,” Cochran said.

“This selection highlights the excellent work already being done by our state’s National Guard to defend our country against emerging cyber threats,” Wicker said. “This team will significantly expand our current capabilities with highly-trained personnel, as well as improve existing infrastructure with new state-of-the-art equipment.”

Mississippi’s team is expected to be assembled during 2019. No decision has been made on where the unit will be based.

According to the National Guard Bureau, these cyber units are designed to address emerging cyber threats facing the nation while leveraging the critical skill sets found through the private sector employment of Guard service members. Additionally, the teams would support the transition and retention of service members departing the active force for a career in the private sector.

The Mississippi-based cyber protection team, as well as others being created around the nation, will provide support to the Army Cyber Command and defense cyberspace operations when mobilized for active duty.