SUNHERALD CRAWDADDY: Cochran’s daughter takes on McDaniel, ‘neo-con zealots’

A Facebook post from Sen. Thad Cochran’s daughter is the latest twist in what has been a remarkable campaign in Mississippi.

Kate Cochran, an associate professor at the University of Southern Mississippi, has put up a lengthy examination of the race. It is, in a word, stinging.

Robert Costa of the Washington Post said there was a brief retort from state Sen. Chris McDaniel on his Facebook page but it appears to have vanished. Costa saved it here.

And here is a taste of Kate Cochran’s take on the campaign:

“I think that Mississippians are being snookered by neocon zealots on talk radio, Fox News, and elsewhere. The New Right values extremism, obstructionism, partisanship, and, frankly, ignorance.”