Will Childers Cave on Health Care?
White House Applies Pressure as Dems Attempt to Force Their Bill Through Congress

Washington- Democrats are making their last-ditch effort to force their unpopular healthcare agenda through Congress, but President Obama and Speaker Nancy Pelosi are having some trouble coming up with the votes. As Democrat leaders continue to lose support for their latest healthcare push, they will be leaning heavily on Travis Childers to be a vote in the ‘yes’ column. Pelosi gave Childers a free pass the last time around, but it looks like that permission slip has expired:

“Kicking off what he promised would be an aggressive campaign, Obama called on Congress to schedule a vote, saying the time for talking is done. And without saying the word ‘reconciliation,’ Obama made it clear that he¹ll pass legislation with only Democratic votes if necessary… House leaders, meanwhile, started the process of smoothing opposition to a finished package.” (Carrie Budoff Brown and Patrick O’Connor, “W.H. Warns Dems: Don’t Flip-Flop,” Politico, 3/3/10)

But if Childers plays ball, he’ll find himself in a world of hurt with voters, who have already enthusiastically rejected the Democrats’ reckless healthcare agenda.

“Twenty-five percent of people questioned in the poll say Congress should pass legislation similar to the bills passed by both chambers, with 48 percent saying lawmakers should work on an entirely new bill and a quarter saying Congress should stop all work on health care reform.” (Paul Steinhauser, “CNN Poll: Healthcare Provisions Popular but Overall Bills Unpopular,” CNN, 2/24/10)

“Nancy Pelosi let Travis Childers off the hook once, but now she’s ready to cash in on the favor,” said NRCC Communications Director Ken Spain. “It’s no secret that Childers is torn between falling in line with his party bosses and saving any chance he has for holding onto his seat in Congress. If Childers plans on walking the plank for the Obama-Pelosi healthcare agenda, he can start looking for a new job now – because voters will send him packing on Election Day.”

Will Travis Childers stand up to his Washington friends as they try to force through their last-ditch healthcare effort? Or will the pressure from Pelosi be too much? Stay tuned…