Cody’s weight is still a big topic of discussion

MOBILE | Terrence Cody’s weight is a topic the University of Alabama nose guard, no matter how many times he’s been asked, handles with grace and humor. But when the questioner is Nick Saban, the biggest player on the Crimson Tide’s 2009 roster is known to turn up the charm another notch.

Such was the case Monday when the UA coach had a midfield exchange with Cody about his results at the Senior Bowl’s morning weigh-in. Saban already knew he’d strained the scales to the tune of 370 pounds, and Cody knew that Saban knew.

‘Are you going to go ahead and just tell me what you weighed?’ Saban asked in jest.

‘I weighed 350,’ Cody said with a wink and a smile.

Along with a massive hand measurement of 11ΒΌ inches, the largest on either the North or South roster by a full inch, Cody’s 370 pounds was the most talked-about number of the weigh-in among the legions of National Football League scouts and coaches drawn to the event.