Letter sent from Mississippi Democratic Party Executive Director Rickey Cole:


Dear fellow Democrat,

Sometimes our opposition just won’t take “NO” for an answer. On June 4th Johnny Dupree was re-elected Mayor of Hattiesburg, but the opposition challenged the election and convinced a judge to order a special election. So now it is our job to help the voters of Hattiesburg say “NO” to the opposition again…and this time say it LOUDER!

Mayor Dupree has fought tirelessly for our party over the past 25 years and now it’s our time to stand with him. He is being forced to mount another campaign, and this time it is on short notice. We cannot and must not let the opposition take advantage of this situation. Every Democrat has a duty to step up, help with financial donations, and volunteer services to make sure that we keep Mayor Dupree in the seat he has already won.

Phil Bryant has set a tentative election date of September 24, 2013, and you can bet that the opposition will show up in force. We must meet and exceed their forces with our own.

Make a contribution online today at www.johnnydupree.com .

To volunteer to help Mayor Dupree in Hattiesburg or from your own home, contact Mayor Dupree’s campaign directly by email at [email protected] or call at (601) 270-5301. To help from our office Contact our Field Director Jacqueline Amos-Norris at [email protected] or (601) 969-2913

Let’s stand with Mayor Dupree and help him and Hattiesburg to win again!

See you in Hattiesburg!

Your friend,