College football fans love to hate

Ohio State cornerback Malcolm Jenkins isn’t sure how the Buckeyes became one of college football’s most hated teams.
Maybe it’s the way many Buckeye fans refer to their school as “The” Ohio State University. Maybe it’s coach Jim Tressel’s sweater vests.
Or maybe it’s just all the winning.
“It doesn’t surprise me,” Jenkins said. “Half the nation doesn’t like Ohio State.”
On the eve of the 2008 season, many college football fans can’t stomach the thought of the Buckeyes once again playing in the BCS championship game. Ohio State lost to Florida 41-14 in the 2006 national title game and 38-24 to LSU last season.
“We lost the games,” Jenkins said. “If I was a fan, I’d probably say the same things.”
Now that Notre Dame isn’t winning very often, the Fighting Irish are no longer the team college football fans love to hate. Teams such as Ohio State, Florida, Oklahoma and USC are the ones that have fans’ veins boiling with hatred — or, worse, envy.