College football is stocked with surprises every year. The Southern Cal Trojans took a Thursday night road trip to Corvallis, Oregon a couple of years ago for a gimme conference game. They left in an entirely different mood after being upset by a “weak” Beavers team.

That 2008 game is just an example. Upsets happen every week. What about the teams that far exceed expectations for an entire season?

Here’s a look at a few teams who have the pontential to take giant steps forward in 2010 and perhaps even win their conferences.

Stranger things have happened…


If the winner of the SEC isn’t Alabama or Florida, anyone else would be a surprise. LSU is next in line in the nation’s top conference.

Jordan Jefferson needs to become more consistent. Les Miles needs to make better game management decisions. Terrance Toliver needs to quit pouting on the sidelines. Alabama must falter for LSU to even get into the SEC Championship.

It could happen. There are just a lot of variables here.

On a more positive note, if they win the SEC, chances are good that they’ll get a crack at a national title as well. That’s just how the SEC

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