College Football Roundup: The Hailey and Hanna Nutt Edition

In honor of BCS clarity arriving (thanks to Iowa we now know that the Big 12 will play the SEC for all the gold in Zimbabwe—that isn’t already smuggled to Zurich), we bring you two striking young lasses who recently transferred from Arkansas to rejoin their daddy at Ole Miss. Meet Hailey and Hanna Nutt, the 20-year old twin daughters of Ole Miss coach Houston Nutt. To help celebrate Halloween in Oxford, the two donned football-themed costumes. Having seen Halloween in Columbia, I can’t imagine what Halloween in Oxford was like. Actually, yes I can. I need to take a break now….Okay, I’m back. These are the Nutt twins according to a reader email submission that includes this line. (“P.S. Don’t mention my name in any post.”) These are always the best tips. On to the roundup.

1. Mike Leach is Blackbeard.