COLLEGE FOOTBALL: Saban cautious for Year 2 at Alabama

Second-year Alabama football coach Nick Saban knows the question will be asked at almost every alumni speaking engagement and press conference.

“What is your timetable for winning a national championship?”

Saban understands the impatience and anguish of the Alabama fans, considering ‘Bama’s history of 12 national championships, with the last one way back in 1992.
But he also is trying to educate the Crimson Tide faithful that building a national championship contender, like he did at LSU, is a process. Saban understands many baby steps eventually equal a giant leap.
He weeds out the mentally weak players from those who can stand his barbed-wire tongue and finds the guys who won’t quit in the fourth quarter.
“I have never as a head coach put up a timetable,” Saban said. “Every situation is different.