College Football Saturday: Not Your Daddy’s Vandy

It was kind of a slow day yesterday in terms of upsets, but there were a couple of exciting games out there:

Are You Kiddin’ Me?
I covered many, many Vandy football games in the four years I was in Nashville and the pattern was always the same. Vandy would lead Ole Miss or Alabama or even Florida and then something, usually late in the third quarter would go horribly wrong. One time they lost a game to LSU because they couldn’t get the field goal unit out on time. I saw them lose a game to Western Michigan when they were dominated in the fourth quarter by a MAC school. Yesterday, all of the ghosts vanished as the Dores hung on for dear life against Auburn and pulled off an SEC upset. I guess God chose to watch this game instead of the Cubs. I wonder how many voice messages Tommy Tuberville has from Bobby Lowder.