College football should punch the clock rule; it’s not working

College football fans are getting short-changed.

It’s the NCAA’s version of Honey, I Shrunk the Game. The new clock rule changes are shortening games. As a result, you see less of your favorite team.

Florida’s Urban Meyer bemoaned the fact his Gators were limited to 46 offensive plays against Tennessee.
On the other side, Coach Phillip Fulmer must be thrilled that Florida was limited on offensive plays, saving the Vols from further embarrassment in the 30-6 debacle.
“We’ve had 170 plays this year and last year it was 200,” Meyer said Wednesday. ‘It is concerning. I love the game of college football. I think it’s the greatest game going.”
The new rule mimics the NFL’s, with a 40/25-second play clock in which the clock starts at the end of every play except on change of possession. Then the first play will run on a 25-second clock.