College Football Week 3 ramblings

Some people are talking about how this is a weak weekend for college football. I’m not so sure. I think it’s a huge weekend for several programs and coaches. Coaches who need Ws this weekend?
Marc Richt: With a new athletic director in town and a fan base that has a bad case of coach fatigue, Richt needs to right the ship and beat the Arkansas Razorbacks this weekend. UGA has the talent, and I think Aaron Murray is going to be a good one. New Defensive coordinator Todd Grantham and his crew will be challenged with Mallet and Petrino coming to town. Should be a good one.

Bobby Petrino: BP needs a big-boy road win. For Arkasas to be “for real” the Razorbacks have to go on the road and win in the SEC. That’s what it’s all about. That’s why Bama and Florida are the powers. They win SEC road games. I’m not sold on the Arky D. I expect a physical ballgame in Athens this weekend. With Bama looming next weekend, the Hogs better amp it up a notch.

Tommy Tuberville: “Guns up guys”….that’s how Tommy Tuberville greeted us on the show in July. Great hire by Texas Tech, btw. They got lucky b/c had UT been looking a week earlier, The River Boat Gambler, would be in the land of Rocky Top. Tuberville is a great coach when his teams are underdogs against top-10 teams they usually win. With Texas heading to Lubbock this weekned – I like the Red Raiders. If Tuberville, can wine 8 or 9 he’ll be in the running for the LSU or UGA job if they come up this year or next.

Gene Chizik: With Gameday coming to town, Auburn will be in the spotlight for the first time since Saban arrived in Tuscaloosa. Auburn has to beat Clemson. They have an opportunity to be the story of the day or at least one of the top stories of the day. Gameday is gold when you’re selling recruits, and the War Eagle nation need all the help they can get.

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