College Football’s Biggest Duds: is it another year of status quo?

Here we go folks! In less than three weeks, many football teams will have already started spring practice. I know, get excited, start to wake up and feel human again, it’ll be here before you know it. (Note- I’m totally lying, it will be the longest six months of our lives, but bear with me here. I’m trying to cope.)
Some teams had disappointing seasons in ’08, and the outlook for this year may be better. Or worse. See if you agree.

Oklahoma Sooners

In five straight BCS bowls, the Sooners have stunk up the gridiron with losses to LSU, USC, Boise State, West Virginia and Florida. Blame the coaching staff, blame the cupcake non-conference schedules, or better yet, blame the media for the hype.
The ’09 outlook looks promising all the way to the very end- when they play in yet another BCS Bowl. Their non-conference schedule isn’t bad- they open with BYU, play FCS cupcake Idaho State, a tough Tulsa team, then travel to Miami for the Hurricanes. Respectable, but not too difficult.