College football’s here; let the craziness begin

As August draws to a close, inevitably we turn our hearts and minds to that staple of the South, that game of our fathers and their …
Hey, you’re back.
Did you really, you know, eat a sheep’s …

Yes, I did. But can we move on already? It is time for football. Time for the grandeur and the passion and the deep, abiding craziness that is college football in this part of the world.

Yes, craziness.
Could you give a recent example from a reputable newspaper?
As it happens, I can. An Aug. 7 story in the Mobile Press-Register began this way: “An Irvington cage fighter accused of inciting a brawl at an Auburn University fraternity house by yelling ‘Roll Tide’ admitted Wednesday to bribing a retarded man to claim responsibility for injuries suffered by the brothers in the melee.”