College Kids Cheat. But Student-Athletes? A Failure Of Coaches, Administrators

Second, Newton reportedly put his name on another student’s paper and was caught after the professor asked the original student why no paper was submitted. This seems rather nefarious, in that the paper was likely taken from the professor’s mailbox in order to change the name and re-submit. How is that even possible? Are they handing in hand-written papers at Florida? Did he white out the name at the top and retype a new name? De he take the time to retype an entire paper, verbatim, then throw out the original?

Any of those ways, it’s a huge offense — certainly worthy of being kicked out of that class, if not the entire school — and it’s almost the dumbest thing Newton reportedly did. How would he think this wouldn’t come back to him, with the other student suddenly getting a zero on an assignment that was actually completed.