Tennessee’s Lane Kiffin isn’t the only coach who has declared a recruiting war in Georgia.

The state produces more than 200 major-college prospects on an annual basis, with every BCS conference represented.

Georgia and Georgia Tech can’t sign them all, and even if they wanted to, they couldn’t, because of well-established pipelines from colleges in neighboring states.

Three starters from Alabama’s newly crowned BCS championship team hail from Georgia.

What’s so appealing about Peach State players to the out-of-state schools? Many things, including the state’s caliber of high school football, the cluster of teams within an hour’s drive of Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, and a quick glance at NFL rosters.

“The biggest thing I hear about kids in Georgia is that they are well-coached, ” said’s Chad Simmons. “I see that with my own two eyes and hear it not only from coaches in the South but across the country.