Fordice and Musgrove were ‘The Odd Couple’ … Bryant and Reeves may be ‘Family Feud’

Reeves already has the lieutenant governor slot sewed up in the next state administration and Bryant is apparently a shoo-in for the governorship. Certainly a Democrat Johnny DuPree win would be the greatest upset in Southern history.

. . . .

Word is that Biloxi Sen. Tommy Gollott, the Senate’s most senior member, will seek a return to the pro tem job which he held in the early 2000s. He switched from a “D” to an “R” in 2003 to curry favor with incoming Lt. Gov. Amy Tuck (who had also switched parties) but she backed Sen. Travis Little of Corinth who had been her major fundraiser.

Reeves, who largely has been quiet on Senate appointments since his August primary win, is said to have a pro tem choice other than Gollott in mind.

Bill Minor
Sun Herald