Winning the GOP Senate Races, Everything Old CANNOT Be New Again

If you’re a bargain shopper then you’ll be pleased to know there’s a “four-fer” available right now in the form of Bevin, Brannon, McDaniel and Wolf … yes, the “purity for profit” crowd has managed to dredge up (without any obvious vetting, of course) a group of fund-raising products because they certainly do not qualify as electable candidates.

McDaniel, running against incumbent Thad Cochran in Mississippi, has a veritable treasure trove of controversial and unproductive gaffes and statements. In spite of numerous recent demands he release recordings of his former radio show appearances, he has failed to produce any such information leaving only the worst to be suspected. It begins to sound like a broken recording but McDaniel is simply another amateur candidate recruited for purposes of fund-raising with little regard to substance; and again the likelihood of more foibles surfacing is extreme. Recent polling shows Cochran in a solid place headed toward the June 3 primary but diligence is the order of the day to ensure McDaniel’s lack of electability is regularly conveyed to primary voters.

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