COMMENTARY: AU team chaplain Williams serves for a higher calling

Over the past four years, representatives from pretty much every major college football program in the Southeast have paid a visit to Auburn University. They don’t come looking for tips on offensive or defensive schemes. In fact, they often don’t speak to a single AU coach.

All of the visiting schools, including bitter rivals Alabama and Georgia, want to study with one man — Auburn team chaplain Chette Williams.
They want to know how Williams, who also heads up the campus Fellowship of Christian Athletes program at Auburn, manages to reach so many of the AU players. They want to know why head coach Tommy Tuberville called Williams the “single most important piece of our success” following the Tigers’ 2004 undefeated season.

“Alabama sent (team chaplain) Jeremiah Castille down. He spent two days in Auburn. Can you even imagine, the Alabama chaplain coming to Auburn?” Williams said Thursday evening during an event at Landmark Church of Christ. “We’ve had them come in from all over the country. Because they’ve seen what God has done at Auburn University and they want it too.”