Commentary: UT claims another win for the ages

GLENDALE, Ariz. — Texas made its statement with heart, resolve and a relentless will to win.

This is the kind of game Mack Brown will cherish long after he’s done. When people ask why he loved coaching, he’ll tell them about this Monday night.

He’ll talk about Quan Cosby, who has neither the speed nor size of a great wide receiver. Yet he’s a great wide receiver because he has soft hands, terrific instincts and deceptive strength.
He’s a lot like quarterback Colt McCoy, who is gifted in ways that can’t always be measured. He is another guy Brown will remember.
Not because he’s big or strong. Not because he does anything flashy, either. He’ll be remembered because he wins.
This was a night two fabulous college football teams exchanged body punches for 60 minutes, each refusing to give into the other, each fighting through exhaustion and frustration.
The Longhorns beat the Buckeyes 24-21 in the Fiesta Bowl to put the finishing touches on a 12-1 season. Each seemed to have control of the game at different points. Each fought back.

“It was a classic, the way it should be,” Brown said.