Nunnelee reflects on first year

WASHINGTON — It’s been a year since the Republican House freshman class made history, and Alan Nunnelee believes it has been a productive but often frustrating time to be in the majority.

“The exciting aspect of the last 12 months, as a result of this historic freshman class, we have been able to stop the Obama administration from a lot of the projects and legislation that they had been pushing through unchecked in the previous two years,” he said in an interview in his Longworth House Office Building office recently.

“At the same time, it’s been frustrating because the things I believe we need to do to solve the jobs problem in America, we’ve passed time and time again (but) we send it down to the Senate and (Majority Leader) Harry Reid thumbs his nose at it,” he said.

The North Mississippi Republican said he understands the public sentiment that politicians in Washington should cooperate and get things done, but he said when the House and Senate were both run by Democrats, with a Democratic president, things like the health care reform law and the $787 billion stimulus bill were passed.