Comparing Mark Richt’s plight to that of Job’s from the Bible

When I am traveling and have time to reflect, I sometimes flash back to those times when Georgia fielded teams that found a way to win. Those are serendipitous moments that warm the heart.
This current Bulldog team is the first one I have watched, with troubling frustration, that seems to find a way to lose. It is not a bad team — just a team with a bad record. The leader, Mark Richt, being a man with a gripping spiritual bent, must feel like a modern-day Job. God, as the Bible reveals, allowed Satan to smite Job with “dreadful boils.” Job was pushed to the point that, while seated in ashes, he “scraped his skin with broken pottery.” Even Job’s wife admonished Job to “curse God and die.”

Although the Bulldog coach hasn’t reached Job’s state, he has, nonetheless, been smitten by exasperating and curious mistakes that doggedly frustrate.