Conference expansion: The real dominoes start falling if Texas moves

Texas to the Pac-10 means:

– Longhorns are joined by Colorado, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State in the new Pac-16.

– Big Ten picks up Nebraska and perhaps Missouri, attempts to leverage Notre Dame and raids Big East and/or to get to 16.

– SEC reacts by raiding 2-4 teams from the ACC.

– ACC fills in by picking up Big East teams.

– Any schools left from Big East merge with Conference USA East teams or Big 12 leftovers, or both.

– Big East basketball schools partner with Atlantic 10 schools.

Chance of happening: 75 percent

Why: Nebraska’s best move, by far, is the Big Ten. When that happens, the Big 12 falls apart and Texas can bolt West to anchor the new Pac-16 Network