Rep. Palazzo Congratulates Dr. Ben Carson as New HUD Secretary

Washington, DC -U.S. Representative Steven Palazzo (R-MS) issued the following statement regarding the confirmation of Dr. Ben Carson as Secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Affairs:

“I’m pleased to hear of Dr. Carson’s long awaited confirmation as HUD Secretary. Having dealt with HUD in various capacities over the years, I can say firsthand how desperately this change in leadership is needed. A common theme of this Administration is the desire to cut unnecessary, burdensome regulations. Huge bloated agencies like HUD have grown out of touch with the needs of folks on the ground in our states. HUD has imposed too many burdens on our housing authorities and state entities at a time when funding is at historic lows.

I look forward to working with the new Secretary to afford some relief to our small public housing agencies in Mississippi and across the country—an effort I’ve been leading in the House over the last year. I have full faith in Dr. Carson’s ability to make strategic, common sense cuts and decisions in a fair and unbiased manner. Together we can make a real difference in providing affordable and available public housing for those who need it most.”