Message from Congressman Steven Palazzo:

Making America Great Again

2016 was truly a special year for conservatives in America.

The election of Donald J. Trump was a historic victory, one that began with the Republican wave in 2010 and one for which we spent the next six years fighting and scratching to achieve. This is our time and now is our moment to make good on the promise we’ve made to the American people.

After President Obama was elected in 2008, Americans had hope. But that hope was quickly dashed as the president and his liberal allies in Congress proceeded to pass bill after bill that spent money we didn’t have, instituted policies we didn’t need, and decimated our personal freedoms. Obamacare, Dodd-Frank, record deficits and more were enacted in less than two years.

Americans pushed back in 2010 and elected the largest Republican majority in Congress since 1938. For six years, we have fought day in and day out to ensure no more of these dangerous liberal agenda items were passed. And we’ve been overwhelmingly successful.

Did House Republicans single-handedly roll back every disastrous law the president put in place? No, of course not. We controlled only one-half of one-third of the government. But we fought and we blocked and we won, time and again.

Those six years have led to this: the election of Donald Trump as a president who will work with Congress to enact conservative legislation. And more importantly, a president who will work with Congress to REPEAL the liberal policies handed to us by President Obama.

2016 was a decisive election, one that will determine the very future of our country. I believe that future is bright.

I want to thank you for you continued faith and your continued support. The fight has not been easy, but it is one I will not give up until our work is done.

Time to Make America Great Again.

Let’s get to work.