Palazzo Re-Introduces Term Limits Bill

Washington, DC – Congressman Steven Palazzo (MS-4) re-introduced his legislation today, H. J. Res. 17, that would impose term limits on Members of the House and Senate. The bill would limit members of Congress to twelve years of service, six terms in the House or two terms in the Senate.

“I personally believe our nation would be much better off if there were no career politicians. That is why I have introduced a term limits bill for the last three Congresses that forces politicians to go back home and live under the same laws they created, knowing they will likely do less damage to our country and work more to improve the lives of hardworking Americans.

President-elect Trump and I are in complete agreement on the fact that we should have term limits in place. However, my legislation allows lawmakers in both chambers to serve twelve years in order to ensure the balance of powers among the two institutions as specified in our Constitution. ”