Palazzo Supports Bill to Fund Military

Washington, DC – Congressman Steven Palazzo (MS-4) released the following statement after the House passed the National Defense Authorization Act to continue funding our Military.

“Unfortunately, the world is not becoming a safer place but ever more dangerous. Which is why it is vital that we continue to support a strong national defense. The legislation passed today emphasizes military readiness efforts in Afghanistan and against ISIS. Furthermore, it ensures that our men and women in uniform have the tools and resources they need to do their job.

“The effects of the Obama administration’s policies have been detrimental and left us in a state of global uncertainty, where our enemies no longer fear us and our friends no longer trust us. Moving forward it’s now our job to reverse these harmful effects and solidify our international standing. And that means ensuring our military is not only the best in the world , but the greatest this world has ever known.”

The National Defense Authorization Act contains a 2.1% pay raise for troops, an increase from President Obama’s proposed 1.6% The bill also prohibits the closure of the Guantanamo Bay facility and transfer of terrorism detainees to the United States. The bill contains $440 million dollars in additional funding for the Navy’s future LX (R) Amphibious Ship program which is currently under design by Huntington Ingalls Industries in Pascagoula, MS.