Congressman Childers’ Statement on Final Passage of Statutory PAYGO

Congressman Childers’ Statement on Final Passage of Statutory PAYGO

Washington, DC – Today, Congressman Travis Childers (MS-01) released the following statement on House passage of statutory pay-as-you-go (PAYGO) legislation:

“Today’s final passage of statutory PAYGO legislation represents an enormous step forward in restoring fiscal discipline and accountability to the federal government, giving PAYGO rules the force of law for the first time in more than ten years.

“Hard-working North Mississippians use a balanced budget on a daily basis in order to make ends meet, and the federal government should operate no differently. Every time we increase our deficit, we risk national security by increasing our need to borrow from foreign countries, and we pass on outstanding bills to future generations.

“Enacting statutory PAYGO has been a long-time goal of the fiscally conservative Blue Dog Coalition, of which I’m a member. Today’s victory will help change the way Washington works, requiring Congress to make difficult but important decisions about spending just like they did a decade ago, and just like hard-working Americans have always done.

“While I voted today in favor of PAYGO on an up-or-down vote, I voted against the rule preceding its consideration because this rule included a self-executing increase in the national debt limit. Just as I could not vote to increase the debt limit in December in the face of today’s economic conditions, I could not vote to do so today.”