Congressman Gregg Harper and Officials Stop in Meridian

Along with Congressman Gregg Harper, Lieutenant General Bud Wyatt, the Director of Air National Guard Pentagon Washington D.C. was also in Meridian visiting in the field.

“I’ve been trying to get to Key Field, Meridian, Missisippi for a long time now. I picked the coldest time of the year to come down, but I tell you what, I’m very impressed with the wing and the missions that are going on here and the new missions that we have coming into this location,” says LIeutenant General Wyatt.

Congressman Harper is trying to showcase Meridian’s Key Field as the right place for the C-27 flying training. He says that decision will be made in the next thirty to forty-five days.

“There’s no place better than here than that. They’ve earned it. They’ve already proven that they can do it from scratch with the MC-12, so you don’t have to wonder if some place can do it. They’ve already proven it. And this is the best place,” encourages Congressman Harper.