Nunnelee released from hospital

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Mississippi First District Congressman Alan Nunnelee (R-Tupelo) is out of a Washington, D.C. hospital after a brief stay to address a medical issue.

Nunnelee entered the hospital Wednesday suffering from nausea and fatigue. An MRI later discovered a small abnormality on the right side of his brain.

A statement was released Friday where Nunnelee offered his thanks to everyone for their support and prayers for him.

“We are also truly grateful for the care and advice that the medical staff from the House of Representatives and George Washington University provided,” he said.

Nunnelee added he planned to stay in Washington over the weekend for some additional outpatient tests. He hoped to be back in the state next week to continue his district work and assist those recovering from the recent tornadoes.

“My doctors have determined that the cause of my discomfort earlier in the week is a small intracranial mass,” Nunnelee said. “It appears to be an isolated problem that can be remedied through surgery. I plan to work with my doctors and consider the House calendar to determine the best time to have this done.”

Desoto Times