Congressman Palazzo Commends Police For Reaction To Chase

Congressman Steven Palazzo (R-MS) spoke with WDAM Thursday afternoon about where he was during the Capitol’s lock down after a car chase happened on the Hill.

“I had just walked in from voting when the internal alert system telling us to shelter in place came on,” says Palazzo. “We were told there were gun shots that had been fired somewhere in the Capitol complex.

The Congressman says it is “very fortunate” that his entire staff was in his office when the incident occurred.

“We had 100 percent accountability,” says Palazzo. “We pretty much stayed in shelter. There were 40 minutes before things calmed down.”

Congressman Palazzo says the response of the law enforcement is to be commended.

“From the video that I’ve seen, it shows the exceptional bravery and efforts of our capital police,” says Palazzo. “When we had our second round of votes about an hour ago, the entire House came to their feet and applauded the bravery of our Sergeant of Arms, which of course helps us with interior security, as well as the Capitol police always watching our backs for members, for staff and also the many thousands of tourists that come to the Capitol everyday.”