Palazzo Says No Deal to Budget Deal

Washington, DC – Congressman Steven Palazzo (MS-4) released the following statement today opposing the budget deal:

“This ‘so-called’ budget deal in no way resembles a budget that I would actually support. For starters, tacking on a trillion-dollar debt ceiling increase without any real spending cuts pretty much sealed the deal in securing my strong opposition. As if that weren’t already enough, the legislation was put together behind closed doors and dropped in our laps less than 48 hours before we are expected to vote on it.

“This bill is nothing more than cost-shuffling budget gimmicks. Instead of demanding real spending cuts, this budget lays out plans to sell millions of barrels of crude oil from our Strategic Petroleum Reserve and calls it an offset. Let me be clear when I say, this is not an offset.

“This legislation honestly has me questioning whether there was actually a Republican in the room when negotiations took place. It’s time to set aside budget gimmicks and make real spending cuts. Otherwise, we are choosing to continue down a slippery slope that will someday hold our children and our grandchildren hostage for these bad decisions. Our children deserve better, South Mississippi deserves better, and the American people deserve better.”