Palazzo: U.S. should do “whatever we can” to free Nigerian girls

Rep. Steven Palazzo speaks to a group of veterans before presenting replacement medals to a veteran who lost his in a flood 30 years ago.

Nigerian authorities have a new tool to aid in their search for nearly 300 schoolgirls kidnapped by militants last month. A U.S. drone is now flying over the northeastern region of the country, scouring the Sambisa forest for any trace of the girls.

Congressman Steven Palazzo says the U.S. should keep all options on the table when it comes to assisting the Nigerian government in bringing those girls home safely.

“Well, I, S, R, intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance, we’ve got some of the best special forces in the world (and) we could probably hit it, take care of all the bad guys and get the children to safety in the blink of an eye,” Palazzo said. “But, it has to be coordinated, we can do it. I’m for all of the above, whatever we can do to make sure these 300 young kids are brought back home safely,” he said.