Congressman Palazzo warns of potential disaster with flood insurance hikes

Thousands of home owners face potentially devastating rate hikes in the National Flood Insurance program. Congressman Steven Palazzo says those premium increases could be disastrous for South Mississippi and America. That’s why he invited to the coast, the FEMA deputy who administers the flood insurance program.

FEMA’s David Miller saw the faces of those who are “worried to death” about the impact.

“If we lose this house and don’t have coverage, we’ve lost everything. And we become a homeless person. Because there’s no way we could ever rebuild,” said home owner Bo Sager, as she spoke to Congressman Palazzo and Deputy Miller about her situation.

Jim and Bo Sager did rebuild their Henderson Point home after Katrina, complying with FEMA elevation and other requirements. But the new flood insurance map puts them in a more risky zone. And more risky means more costly.